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Expertise on water. Our core business is working with water all the way from the river basin to the coastal zones, across water sensitive societal and environmental domains. We provide to our clients leading edge analysis, advisory services and smart solutions to engineer water, secure and recover it, understand its dynamics, improve its quality, quantify its impact and address emerging challenges in water environment.

Customer focus. We work with clients to understand their needs and guide them through informed decision making and planning. We deliver tailored, cost effective solutions to the complex water-related challenges faced by our clients. We input to all stages of project lifecycle from the provision of advice at concept development through project implementation, monitoring and reporting during the life of the project. We seek to optimize the performance of water projects through effective management of technical, environmental, regulatory and commercial project risks.

Commitment on Research and Innovation. Interaction between our research and consultancy activities is essential to our business. Success in research contributes to the consolidation of our knowledge base and provide us access to the latest science. This informs decision-making and ensures we provide leading edge consultancy services. At the same time our deep knowledge of the water sector through design, consulting and advisory activities enable us to bring science closer to water industry needs. This ensures sustainable operations and ability to attract and retain highly competent staff.


EMVIS’ partners and staff are all engineers and scientists with long working experience and specialization, high educational profile, language and multicultural skills competence. Through active involvement in research, the scientific staff of EMVIS is acquainted with state of the art scientific and technological developments, thus being able to successfully apply novel methods and approaches to practical problems and case studies related to the aquatic environment and the management of water resources.


At EMVIS we are aware that people make a difference. We know that in order to offer leading edge services and produce smart solutions, it is necessary to have at your disposal an environment that favours effective team work and ensure that you have the freedom to innovate and grow. We are looking for passionate and talented people who are eager to join us and become part of a dynamic team collaborating to find innovative solutions to complex challenges in water environments. If you want to join EMVIS’ team, send your resume at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. View open positions.


Corporate status

Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform

International Water Association

Individual status

Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

The International Environmental Modelling & Software Society

Research Strategy 

Our research priorities engages in a number of challenges identified by global policy organizations and the European Commission’s research program.

Observations, data management and analysis. Acquiring, managing, analyzing and assimilating data is critical in understanding complex ecosystem processes, predicting their functioning and reducing uncertainty in estimations. We are committed to explore new technologies and techniques enabled by satellite imagery, unmanned vehicles, in situ and remote sensing systems for surveying and collecting data from natural and build environment.

Water systems dynamics. We aspire to understand complex water systems dynamics to enable modeling and predicting of ecosystem’s functioning including an appreciation of their associated uncertainties.  Modeling and predicting the evolution of complex water systems requires methods and techniques for coupling models of different processes at appropriate scale in time and space, data assimilation, parameter estimation and uncertainty quantification. Our main goal is the development of a modeling platform capable of generating forecasts concerning key water quantity and quality properties linked and supported by assimilation of data from both space and in situ observations for supporting decision making in water sector and ecosystem management.

Integrated adaptive management. Climate Change is a key challenge across all environmental, economic and societal domains. We are committed in pursuing collaborative research efforts in addressing water related climatic risk assessment and management. This informs decision-making and planning, under uncertainty conditions to deliver the best solutions for improving climate risk management and resilience in water sensitive systems and operations.

Quality Policy

The VISION of EMVIS’s Consultant Engineers administration is the establishment of a company whose name is representative and synonymous of a very high standard execution of Projects, studies and consulting services, as well as to become an exemplar in its field on national level.

The company follows the Quality Management System of EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015 related to: Preparation of Technical, Environmental, Water Resources Management Studies, Consulting Services, Technical Support and Project Operation, Design and Development of Software.

Our QUALITY POLICY entails the exertion for flawless technical projects, perfect consistency with all legal requirements, customer satisfaction, control over all aspects of the active projects, dedication to deliver defect-free products on-time at the most competitive cost possible and commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

By following our strategy, we commit to the following QUALITY OBJECTIVES: continuous improvement of our client satisfaction while at the same time reducing their complaints, continuous education of our staff, reduction in the cost of studies and projects, continuous progress on the effectiveness of the procedures of the Quality Management System.


EMVIS has been co-financed by the Action, which aims at the digital upgrade of very small, small and medium - sized enterprises. The investment concerns new ICT equipment, software and digital services (read more).

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