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    Safe drinking water accessibility is one of the major concerns throughout the world. Identification of risks throughout the water supply chain from source to consumption is a challenge that should be addressed, at which we direct and build-up our expertise

Water Treatment

EMVIS has experience in the design and operation of both conventional and advanced water treatment schemes addressing specific problems related to toxicity and odour and taste control. Specialized services in the field of water leakage control in water supply systems through water balance calculations and benchmarking, hydraulic modelling, DMA/PMA design and NRW reduction plan design are also provided.

Water treatment plants design and operation optimisation

Safe drinking water accessibility is one of the major concerns throughout the world and where we offer leading services for small scale water treatment projects to advanced and more complex applications. Through our wide experience in the design of water treatment plants we meet the variable and demanding challenges of different projects and our customers’ needs and expectations.

In the water sector, our project portfolio in process engineering includes all aspects of water treatment from straightforward physicochemical processes (coagulation-sedimentation-filtration-disinfection) to more advanced water treatment regimes, such as incorporation of membranes technology (Ultra-Filtration, Nano-Filtration, Reverse Osmosis), Ion-Exchange, Ozonation, PAC and GAC and Biological Activated Carbon.

Our expertise has been characterised by diversity of projects, related to process engineering, technical assessments, performance evaluation and optimization including also pilot equipment set up and pilot testing. Feasibility studies and strategic planning to conceptual design, engineering design, procurement, construction supervision and commissioning are aspects of the services provided.

Risk assessment in water treatment - The Water Safety Plans approach

Design of monitoring network for potable water, potable water quality evaluation according to environmental quality standards, risk analysis and assessment, water safety plans design according to the Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC as amended by the Directive 2015/1787/EC are fields of our interest and competence.

We provide a risk management approach, that focuses on all the elements of the drinking water supply chain (protection of sources, water abstraction, transport, treatment, storage and distribution), contributes to meeting the drinking water supplier’s requirements to ensure the safe, reliable, sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical operation of its drinking water supply system in order to provide safe drinking water up to consumers' taps according to EN 15975-2, supporting the holistic Water Safety Plans (WSP) approach of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Water leakage control

Leakage control has become a strategically important component for water resources management, and has been used to reach an optimum economic balance between water supply and water demand, while limiting water losses helps saving water resources, costs and energy.

We implement state-of-the-art-tools for water leakage control in water supply systems from water balance calculations and benchmarking to advanced hydraulic modelling DMA/PMA design and NRW reduction plan design.