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    We provide the expertise that enables our customers to meet their regulatory requirements, save money and increase the resilience of their facilities under changing climate conditions

Treatment, Disposal and Reuse of Wastewaters and Sludge

We conduct strategic planning and design of wastewater collection, treatment, disposal, and reuse plants. EMVIS has extensive experience with the implementation of the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (91/271/EC) and the design of alternative wastewater treatment schemes in relation to the required treatment level and the scale of application. Also EMVIS acts as expert consultant to Public and Private Authorities providing specialized services in technical assessments, benchmarking, water services costing, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), due diligence, process modelling and performance optimization.

Helping water industry to reduce the impact of wastewater on the environment

Providing wastewater treatment facilities that can effectively discharge treated wastewater into the aquatic ecosystems is a priority in the urban environment. Our process and facilities design services cover the complete range of activities from feasibility studies and strategic planning to conceptual design, engineering design, procurement, construction supervision and commissioning.

When acting as lead consultant, we take responsibility for process design and performance compliance. Our specialist process engineering team comprises hands on expertise in advanced simulation and analysis using both customized and commercial tools (eg GPS-X, STOAT). In addition, we undertake analyses in all related technical disciplines of civil, hydraulic, structural, HVAC electrical and automation.

In the wastewater sector, our project portfolio in process engineering includes all aspects of sewerage networks, wastewater pre-treatment, biological processes (AS/ MBR/ MBBR/ MBMR), biological nutrients removal (BNR), tertiary treatment/disinfection, advanced biosolids treatment for agricultural utilization and energy recovery (anaerobic digestion, thermal drying, solar drying, composting), discharge systems and marine outfalls.

Capture the full potential from Cost-efficient operations of wastewater infrastructure

EMVIS acts as expert consultant to Public and Private Authorities providing specialized services in technical assessments, benchmarking, EIAs, due diligence, process modelling and performance optimization.

Our multi-disciplinary staff offers state-of-the-art capabilities including pilot equipment set up and pilot testing. We have performed and provided support for bench-, pilot- and demonstration-scale studies that support cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges across a wide-range of treatment processes. These include sewer bioreactor, conventional treatment, rotating biological contactors, coagulation, direct filtration, membrane filtration, activated carbon adsorption and filtration, ozonation, wastewater disinfection, and wastewater characterization and biodegradation kinetics.

Our success is built not only on technical expertise in wastewater engineering, but also on an deep understanding of the water utilities sector and the critical factors that underpin a plant’s ability to reach efficient operation.

Building resilience at Utilities under climate change conditions

The challenges and problems caused by global warming, ageing infrastructure, and population growth have a significant impact on effectively managing wastewater and sewage. EMVIS supports water utilities understand and adapt to climate change.

  • Examine which extreme weather events pose significant challenges to utility operations.
  • Identify critical assets, potential impacts and the adaptive actions that can be implemented to protect critical infrastructure from the consequences of climate change.
  • Asses the costs of risk reduction strategies against the economic losses associated with the consequences of climate change threats for informed decision-making.

Assist communities reach sustainability goals through reclaimed water reuse and biosolids utilization

We help our clients integrate the technical, financial, regulatory, social, and environmental aspects of water and biosolids reuse into water resources planning and design cutting-edge treatment for advanced water reclamation systems.

We implement carbon inventories, assess GHG emissions and employ innovative tools for the online monitoring, control and mitigation of the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment plants.