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    Environmental monitoring provides feedback on the actual environmental impacts due to anthropogenic activities

Environmental Monitoring

Our expert field teams provide tailored environmental monitoring services for both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems including site investigation, design and implementation of comprehensive environmental management plans and protocols, sampling and analysis, monitoring, remote sensing applications to complement on-the-ground data collection, interpretation and consultancy. EMVIS’ monitoring services can assess the effectiveness of control measures, demonstrate compliance with legislation, or may be a requirement of an Environmental Permit.

Evaluate Environmental performance

Specific services are offered for the assessment of the environmental performance of infrastructures related to wastewater treatment and solid waste management. Monitoring of emissions, odour and noise levels and dust can be performed, followed by thorough assessments comparing real data with the provisions of national and international legislation and codes of practice. Environmental monitoring is also related to contemporary environmental indicators such as carbon footprint a field that we are constantly developing through our participation in specific research projects. We perform audits and assessments of environmental projects and run due diligence investigations supported by thorough documentations.

Site environmental assessment

The staff of EMVIS has the capacity to perform site environmental assessments for the identification of physical, geographical and hydrological characteristics of areas of interest, as well as potential sources of pollution, the identification and assessment of causes of pollution that might affect the aquatic and natural environment and specific information regarding the anticipated nature of pollution sources, management and control measures taken on-site and mapping all the information recorded.

"We have obtained extensive experience through our participation to the preparation of the bathing water profiles required under the provisions of the Bathing Water Directive (Directive 2006/7/EC) with on-site visits and preparation of Bathing Water Profiles. Relevant information is presented in the Greek Bathing Water Profiles Registry site http://www.bathingwaterprofiles.gr/en.

EMVIS owns and operates a set of field equipment and instruments for environmental monitoring.


We are constantly exploring new technologies and techniques enabled by satellite imagery, unmanned vehicles, in situ and remote sensing systems for surveying and collecting data from natural and build environment, allowing us to interpret complex ecosystem processes.