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    Our goal is to offer sustainable solutions that ensure environmental protection whilst minimizing costly project delays

Environmental Impact Assessment

We conduct environmental impact assessments (EIA) and strategic environmental assessments (SEA) of public and private infrastructure projects related to water, wastewater and solid waste.  

Ensure environmental sustainability

We recognize the uniqueness of each project which is related to the diversity of the social and physical environment, as well as local regulations. The complexity and wide range of environmental impacts requires for a multidisciplinary team which follows an effective methodology consisting of:

Field surveys. Τhe importance of achieving an accurate understanding of site conditions is critical therefore site evaluation by appropriate experts is an integral part of our methodology.

Applied science. We follow a fact based approach  relying upon sound science at all stages of the project using GIS analysis and mapping technologies and analyzing environmental data.

Administrative procedure. We offer support during the projects lifecycle including  the stages of public participation and documentation of decision making. Positive early on stakeholder involvement can lead to the identification and moderation of potential problems.

We manage to demonstrate the exact effects the developments may have on the environment, the local communities and all stakeholders and help develop mitigation and management options to minimize environmental impacts and meet environmental obligations efficiently and effectively.