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    We can help you identify risks and reduce your vulnerability by developing adaptation strategies that you can use to build resilience

Climate Change

Climate Change is a key challenge across all environmental, economic and societal domains. EMVIS Consultants work with private and public sector clients to assess, develop, and implement climate change adaptation initiatives in urban environment, infrastructure works and industry. We provide consulting services at operational and strategic decision-making level, for assessing water related risks from climate change and systems vulnerability, adaptation planning, support for planning, design, and implementation of climate-resilient infrastructure, hydrological modelling and assessment, downscaling and evaluation of climate change scenarios for specific regions.

Climate change risk and vulnerability assessments

Risks relate to the impact and likelihood of an event or outcome from climate changes. However the degree to which individual infrastructure and operations are vulnerable to alterations caused by Climate Change depends on their level of sensitivity and adaptive capacity.

We can assist project developers to consider how a project is vulnerable to climate variability and change and assess current and future climate risks to the success of the project, by performing several climatic assessments:

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Evaluation of exposure
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Risk assessment

Climate resilient infrastructure

EMVIS provides technical assistance for planning, design, and implementation of climate-resilient infrastructure by mainstreaming climate change adaptation throughout the whole project lifecycle development.

Adaptation options can range from actions that build adaptive capacity (e.g. sharing information, creating supportive institutional framework) to concrete adaptation measures (e.g. technical solutions, insurance mechanism) and aim to address identified climatic concerns and to bring negative impacts at an acceptable level.

EMVIS can facilitate the exploration of potential adaptation options, help identify relevant, cost-effective actions, appraise their potential co-benefits and support the integration of an adaptation action plan into the project.

Policy and planning

Addressing the challenges society face due to climate change requires a holistic approach and an enabling framework. We can support climate change adaptation and mitigation actions through appropriate legislation, and development of national and local strategies, policies and planning.

Corporate-level advice

Climate Change is expected to be a key challenge for the Industry both today and in the future. Failure to consider climate risk and adaptation into decision-making processes could have intense consequences for many industrial sectors with further impacts felt across downstream operations as well. A number of factors may indicate potential physical, regulatory and/or reputational risks for a company. Moreover, besides direct effects on the production process, companies might have major exposure to risk related to their supply chain, while forward linkages to product use can be just as problematic.

We can guide companies through the risk assessment procedure by identifying the risk factors relevant to the particular activity and providing assistance to evaluate financial implications in their businesses. 

  • Assist in the domain of operational management in tackling potential threats to production associated with water-related disruption of operations or inputs with emphasis on water supply and effluent discharges, due to physical water stress, institutional or regulatory intervention.
  • Facilitate recognition of corporate strategic risks, on the long term, based on an understanding of the nature and location of business vulnerability around all potential water risks in operations and/or supply chains.
  • Consult on the adoption of corporate leadership / stewardship corporate position, linked to the reputational and regulatory dimensions of risk.

Climate science, research and analysis

Our team is contributing to collaborative international projects on climate change, and gives us access to the latest climate science. This informs decision-making and planning, to deliver the best solutions for improving climate risk management and resilience for our clients.